Phriction valid relative link previews as broken


Valid relative links in published page will render as broken in Edit-Preview mode.

Reproduction Instructions

  1. Install and configure Phabricator.
  2. Launch Phriction.
  3. Modify the root document with:
    [[ ./Engineering/Desktop]]
    [[./Engineering/Device ]]
  4. Create document /w/Engineering with contents:
  5. Create document /w/Engineering/Desktop with any content.
  6. Create document /w/Engineering/Device with any content.
  7. Navigate back to /w/ and verify the links are valid. (See top image path in lower left corner is valid.)
  8. Click Edit Document and then click the Preview icon to see the links are broken. (See bottom image with “dot” in the path.)



Phabricator/Arcanist Versions:

  • phabricator: 9d1af762d518 – Wed, Feb 5
  • arcanist: 21a1828ea06c – Thu, Jan 23
  • phutil: cc2a3dbf5903 – Tue, Jan 14