Porting http.feeds to webhooks


I’m trying to port a http.feed to firehose. I managed to parse the content, but a some stuff is missing compared to the original. The request looks like:

  "object": {
    "type": "CMIT",
    "phid": "PHID-CMIT-4hqiyvfwcf6ctnuvh25d"
  "triggers": [
      "phid": "PHID-HWBH-awna6utzmc3543fexrjx"
  "action": {
    "test": false,
    "silent": false,
    "secure": false,
    "epoch": 1549877874
  "transactions": [
      "phid": "PHID-XACT-CMIT-wyzgr6wqdtwgnbb"

But I’m missign the storyText so see no good way to extract the commit message and repository name from this. same for getting the task nr from a phid_task change and other info. So my question is, how do I get the associated “story” from a request like this?


Have you found and read the documentation, particularly the “Responding to Requests” section?

If you can’t find the documentation, let us know.

If you’ve read the documentation but still don’t know how the answer to your question, let us know what’s unclear.

If you believe that the documentation is not likely to be helpful and that you’ll get a better or faster answer by posting a question here, let us know what has led you to feel this way (for example, did you have a bad experience with some of the other project documentation?). Maybe there’s something we can fix.


I did read the documentation on webhooks yes. But what I was looking for is some transition document from http.feeds. I think I did just solve it though by translating the phids to real ids with the conduit apis, but I thought I was missing something there. That said the responding to requests section did help me eventually. So consider this solved. Thanks for the reply.

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