Prevent unresolved conflicts from being landed


In one of our repos, it has happened a couple of times that unresolved conflicts got landed on master, like this:

<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> asdf
>>>>>>> qwer

I believe these conflicts happen after arc land rebase the diff and arc land land the diff regardless. Is it possible to pause arc land and ask author to resolve conflicts in this case? I’m sure there is something I’m missing. Thanks

Can you please provide a set of reproduction steps I can follow to make arc land land conflicts without asking the author to resolve changes?

(My belief is that no such workflow exists, and these users are explicitly resolving conflicts incorrectly. This is a bug in arc if some arc land invocation can generate conflict markers and cause them to be published without explicit user intervention.)

Thanks. That makes sense. I will try to collect more data points and get back to you.

The authors used IDEs like PyCharm and Sublime to resolve the merge conflicts. Might be something to do with that?