Previous author of Phriction page always receives mail when new author edits the page


Observed Behavior:
Since the last update, the previous author of a wiki page will always receive a mail/notification when a new author edits the page, despite not being subscribed to the page.

This mail has the following mail stamps:

actor(@new author) application(Phriction) object-type(WIKI) phid(PHID-WIKI-xxxxx) removed(@old author) via(web)

Expected Behavior:
Phabricator should send mail to subscribers only.

Phabricator Version:
phabricator 362ccedf8afbd7ede1f98a2492feeb56cbcfb708 (Sat, Feb 17) (branched from cb2f7106069b1d40a7a753671fc7704cd364c32c on origin)
arcanist 8fe1d7701e5daa3b7c8d96847fa335c0fbf66816 (Fri, Feb 16) (branched from be1dd7e2ba230d77f894637fdcbc7d5a47dc7082 on origin)
phutil 6d394d4dab71a3c39cb6136ad112c134aa900ac8 (Fri, Feb 16) (branched from e1f7cfefe8806f83359ac40c0f264713af8d86fd on origin)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Edit wiki page as user A. Make sure not to subscribe to the page.
  2. Edit wiki page as user B.
  3. User A will receive a notification about the edit.