Private conversation on a ticket



are you planning to implement private conversation on tickets?
For example I would like to subscribe multiple people to a ticket, but to write a comment visible only to one person.


With conpherence you cn easily chat with only once person directly in phab and have conversation focused on ticket. That should cover most usecases


thanks @johnny_bit for your answer! Yes, we use conpherence for chat, but the issue is that in most cases we don’t fix the issue or add the feature request immediately. After a while (1day/1week/1year) when we work on the ticket, we don’t know what has been discuss and searching in the chat it’s not an option for us.
In other systems you can set a comment to private and make it visible only to certain users. In this way the conversation stays on the same ticket.


There’s no way to do this.

Transactions and Comments do technically have VIew and Edit policies, so it might be possible to make a comment less-visible than the object it’s talking about, but there are no code flows for setting it, and it’s possible that the policies are ignored when querying (I think they are actually checked, but I’m not sure how intentional it is).


Many ways to skin a cat. While this use-case seems valid, It looks like something that would work better for some kind of nuance-flow where “customer” sees only nuance side and internal discussion happens on ticket. If “private” comments - that is comments with different policy than ticket itself do happen, then this would allow full private conversation.

While it is impossible in Phabricator as of now, one can make-do with available tools, for example: use private paste/wiki for internal comments and link to ticket. Person not able to see link, won’t see it (just “restricted object”), while internal discussion could happen in wiki/paste page.


Thanks @johnny_bit for your thoughts! It could be a work around. But if you have a private conversation for each ticket you will end up with thousands of pastes/wiki pages which you don’t want.