Public SVN Fails

Hi All,

We have many SVN repos set to visible public (None-authed) but we can’t seem to anonymously checkout the source,
The checkout just fails stateing there’s no public key; it works ehen it’s authenticated…

Any ideas?


For SVN hosting, Phabricator only supports serving over SSH, which does not allow anonymous access.

You can mirror your repository to another service, which will allow serving over HTTP; See .

Update: You can’t mirror SVN repos, sorry.

These two articles might help you set up a mirror of your SVN repository to another location which you’ll be able to expose over HTTP or another anonymous protocol: and

You would then be able to expose the new URI in Diffusion by adding it, setting the IO to “no action” and set it to be visible.
You might want to use the same hostname as your Phabricator install, with a different port, just to make it easier for users to recognize.