Question on Issue and Wiki Access


I was curious about phabricator, is there a way to access the issue or wiki data via code checkout? Or is it held in a separate database with only UI access?

Separate database.
There’s API access (“Conduit”) for most of the tasks and Wiki data.

Thanks so much. Is there any way to run a mirror of an entire phabricator host? or of individual projects on another host, including issues?

You can probably clone the database, and run the mirror in read-only mode. Why would you want to do that?

I’m thinking of how relevant phabricator is for decentralized community work, where the person running the server may not keep running it forever, and people will want to be able to migrate on. Similar to the model of git itself.

I guess you’d need to provide access to the database to clone it.

Phabricator is not built for this kind of workflow; it’s much more oriented towards centralized workflows, with a single source-of-truth.

Thank you. Only a few options are, really.