Recent Activity stuck at Loading


Observed Behavior:

A number of panels on the main dashboard seem to be stuck with “Loading…” since the weekend update.


I’ve tried recycling the httpd,msqld,phd servers and no change

Expected Behavior:

Normally they would load with data immediately, but this has been like this for >24 hours

Phabricator Version:
phabricator c391e8a047450bf65dd1b0cd9d4e65c99541782e (Sat, Mar 10) (branched from 9d0cf3c8b82d550de7f6b44801b29796d688c493 on origin)
arcanist dcd7ef66d0e419db4d97f1ebb624ec3c55e1fe4e (Sat, Mar 3) phutil dedf260c77557ffd71ad24a1b250a882a58fa0e7 (Thu, Mar 1)
sprint 9da8f6c3f27282aa10375bb97592cbe86db99d24 (Nov 29 2017)

Reproduction Steps:
All I did was to perform an upgrade and this behavior started. No problems were encountered from what I can tell.


If you have custom code (Which your version string suggests you do), and you update any CSS or JS files, make sure to run Celerity - see

The “Loading…” text there is a placeholder while javascript is doing whatever calls are needed to fill this in.


Amazing support as ever! that fix it many thanks!

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