Reference to tasks in old commits

In Gitea we linked commits to tasks by adding “#123” in a commit message.
In Phabricator to add a refference we need to add “Ref T123”. So old commits refs are not working. Also Phabricator uses a sequentially task numbering and other systems (like Gitea) for each project start Tasks numbering from the beginning.
The only thing that I see here is to rebase GIT, but that would be undesirable.

  1. Is there another way to make the connection visible from the commits and from the tasks?
  2. Or to make refference to task via “#”, not “Ref” and make tasks numbering from 1 for every project?

Thank you!

You can leave the old tasks in their original tracker, and link to them as detailed on this thread:

If you do import into Maniphest, then a rebase of your git repository to rewrite the references is the only way, as it is not possible to have two tasks with the same ID in Phabricator - these are global database IDs in Phabricator, not some secondary arbitrary ID that you can renumber per project.

Another option that may make sense, is to add a comment to each commit, which points to the new location of any task/commit referred to in the commit message; It wouldn’t be as nice (no links in the commit body), but it should work out.