Remarkup "subsystem" caching control especially in Phriction and panels


Hello so I finally found the time to learn how to extend Phabricator.

This allowed me to migrate our dokuwiki pages which used custom plugins for semantically decorating certain elements on pages.

I am stumbling with second phase though. Some of the markup plugins we have generate html on the fly, that is each time page is loaded. Dokuwiki has NOCACHE directive for that, which instructs it that given wikipage/wikitextbox should be re-rendered on each http fetch.

Phriction and dashboard panels seem to cache my remarkup plugins output. How can I instruct remarkup engine to not cache given page and re-render it each time it is visited?

Thank you.


Do I understand correctly there will be no reply to this question?


Try looking at the “embed” version of rules, especially the “embed dashboard panel” (e.g. {W47}). These embed dynamic content into the remarkup block, which is updated when rendering.
This should be in PhabricatorObjectRemarkupRule.php.


Thank you good sir! Will look there, I almost gave up on this.