Rendering Issue in Slowvote


Slowvote doesn’t handle long text in options very well, and this can be a bit of a pain since (a) there’s no text-length limit in the input form, and (b) you can’t edit the questions afterwards.

Here’s a screenshot from my Phabricator:

Cursory technical information:

phabricator 8edd04aff365927a7b0018e2b20076518e4e6a0e (Sat, Oct 7) (branched from 85011a46d0aa1a5da241cb91620d929adc6414a9 on origin)

arcanist 282b83bcbed4325c00de84a052991923a39d18de (Fri, Oct 6) (branched from 76b54ce0a9af112bac2fb0498d9d44532b46f2d5 on origin)

phutil b395c100c20b7ea1f1f7cb9be809239f8cd0bcda (Fri, Oct 6) (branched from 9f9c33797a3ebbf1c4dcaa474a0c4e0b32d5396a on origin)