Replace "Blame" with "Annotate"?

Hi there,
my company uses Phabricator(and diffusion).

While I appreciate the fact that blame is an industry-wide standard term now, I would prefer to live in a more “blameless” world. As part of my blameless initiative, I am trying to push for replacing the “Blame” button with “Annotate” in my company.

I was wondering if this is something you folks were already considering or if this is something you would be interested in helping us with?

I understand getting rid of the term “Blame” altogether is not an option, and I won’t ask for that. I’d rather ask for a potential gated option or switch so that users can opt-in for a more positive term like Annotate than Blame?


From what I can tell there are not that many references in the UI (a few more in the code),

This can be relatively easily changed yourself.

diff --git a/src/applications/files/document/render/PhabricatorDocumentRenderingEngine.php b/src/applications/files/document/render/PhabricatorDocumentRenderingEngine.php
index 2524f77..b465675 100644
--- a/src/applications/files/document/render/PhabricatorDocumentRenderingEngine.php
+++ b/src/applications/files/document/render/PhabricatorDocumentRenderingEngine.php
@@ -148,8 +148,8 @@ abstract class PhabricatorDocumentRenderingEngine
       'blame' => array(
         'icon' => 'fa-backward',
-        'hide' => pht('Hide Blame'),
-        'show' => pht('Show Blame'),
+        'hide' => pht('Hide Annotate'),
+        'show' => pht('Show Annotate'),
         'uri' => $ref->getBlameURI(),
         'enabled' => $blame_setting,
         'value' => null,

It might be easier to use a Translation patch rather then altering the code directly.

You can add a class that extends PhutilLocale to phabricator/src/extension/, and pick it as the install default in the configuration.
See Translations / Localizations: how to install?

Today, you can also override these strings directly with translation.override in Config.

I’m sympathetic to wanting to avoid the connotations of “blame”, and think “annotate” is probably a better word in a vacuum. However, my experience, at least, is that “blame” is overwhelmingly more common in practical usage today: I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone use the word “annotate” to refer to this mode in real life. I’m hesitant to change the upstream until such a time when “annotate” is in wider use and the language change is unlikely to cause confusion.

(For example, GitHub often puts emphasis on social/community features – like tooling to make it easy to add a code of conduct to a project – but still uses the word “Blame” today. This suggests to me that “blame” vs “annotate” considerations are currently far from mainstream.)