Repository view git "command failed" error

Reproduction Instructions
On a self hosted git repository (untested on other set ups) navigate to a main repository view. i.e. /diffusion/7/

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
master branch as of 1/15, or rPea9cb0b625fb

On my Fedora 33 hosted phabricator instance (running git version 2.26.2 if that matters), after updating to the latest master on Friday 1/15 all git repository views were showing this error message

These errors weren’t present after updating on Wednesday 1/13. Given the timing, along with the changes in rPea9cb0b625fb I believe that commit is what caused the errors.

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Just replying to this as we are having the exact same issue after doing a migration (both Phabs using the latest master).

I have the same problem.

To add further information, while the git ls-tree ... command-line works with Git 2.1.4 (shipped with Debian Wheezy), but not with Git 2.20.1 (shipped with Debian Buster), or Git 2.30.0 (latest version).

Thanks. I believe this is fixed by

We’re on master and just did a pull and it’s still a problem on our system.

This might be a silly question, but did you restart your webserver after pulling changes?


Doing an apache restart didn’t fix it but a full server down/up did.