Repository would not import. It is stuck at 0.00%

I am trying to importing a public repository to observe from github onto phabricator, but the import never begins properly after the repository is activated. In status, I see that it says “waiting for demons to make working copy.” I also went in and checked my “phd log” and the last entry has been "starting process"
I have done this same process a couple of times making sure i’m doing everything step by step from the documentation.
I initially thought that the URI was a problem because Phabricator automatically makes a couple of URIs when I initialize a repository. I had to change their I/O to ‘no I/O’ so i could add my own observer repository.
any idea on how to fix this? Im new to phabricator, and would appreciate the help

edit: i have also gone over daemons, and the repository daemon seems to be working fine. i restarted it, and its status is fine.

edit2: the daemons status has changed and now is of unkown status. I restart them, and they work, but keep crashing on me