Required custom fields are not labelled as required

We are setting up a custom installation of Phabricator where we have defined a couple of custom fields in maniphest.custom-field-definitions .We have marked some fields as required, e.g.:

  "mycomp.myfield": {
  "name": "My Select",
  "type": "select",
  "search": true,
  "required": true,
  "default": null,
  "options": {
    "": null,
    "0": "Label 0",
    "1": "label 1",
    "2": "label 2",
    "3": "label 3"

When we later create a new Task task in the Phabricator user interface, then we can see all our custom fields as expected in our custom forms. Furthermore, when we omit to select an option or left a required text field blank, etc… then we get a nice error report that indicates which fields are missing and still need to be filled. So basically the configured ‘required’ attribute is functional.

However, none of the ‘required’ custom fields is visually marked as “required” like it is done for the Standard Phabricator fields (on the right side of the form). Is this a bug, a missing feature or is there a good reason behind the decision to not label required custom fields as required in the custom forms?

After some more testing i realized that required custom text fields are actually marked as “required”. The label seems to be missing only for option fields and date fields (i did not check other field types).

I hoped that setting the default value of an option field to null or “” would trigger the display of the “required” label. But that is not the case. right now we help our self by setting the option label to “required, please choose”. Is that the anticipated way to go after all ?

And how should we proceed with required date fields ?