Search: any query string parameter?

Are there some available query string parameters for Phabricator search?



I’m reporting this question from Telegram user Nikki from the

Looking at the documentation and looking at how search queries are handled creating permalink I would say this feature is actually not supported. Isn’t it?

Thank you for any clarification! :blue_heart:

Not really supported.

However, once you make a search using the search form, your browser will be redirected to a URI that looks like this: https://.../maniphest/query/lrGMPLBVTYsl/#R .
This URI is shareable, and pretty much persistent, so you can bookmark it and share it with others.

An admin can also Save a Query and make it Global (but it will not receive a nicer URI).

Surprisingly, this actually is supported, just not documented, so you have to dig the parameters and their usage out of the code or guess what they are. Usually, the <input /> name in the HTML and the correct parameter name are the same.

For a fulltext query in an application, use:

For global search: