Search by name in Files doesn't support number

Reproduction Instructions

  • upload files with name wich contains number like Fiche Env LAM Elec 2015 02 04.pdf
    *Search by name :
    ** Fiche Env LAM 2015 : no result
    ** Fiche Env LAM : find all files uplaoded


Phabricator/Arcanist Version

  • Arcanist : commit 04e340ab0f4698baa0cedd337401c64b279fdfd0 (phabricator/master)
    Author: bootstraponline
    Date: Wed Sep 30 15:19:04 2020 +0000
  • Phabricator : commit 0f27cd46ccadb2522babca5c5ab18ab26a3b5dbc (phabricator/master)
    Author: epriestley
    Date: Fri Oct 2 09:41:29 2020 -0700

I can’t immediately reproduce this issue.

I did identify a related issue that might be causing the problem you’re seeing under some versions of PHP and a different behavior under newer versions of PHP. This issue is fixed in, see that revision for details.

After this change, this kind of search appears to work correctly on my system:

Once you deploy that change, let me know if you’re still seeing issues?

Sorry I forgot to indicate that I use PHP 7.3.11 on our servers.

I will try on Monday and be back to say if it’s ok.


Thank you, it’s ok.