Search for commit message in repository through conduit

So we have a internal service that harbormaster hooks into on diff creation/updates.

Due to our rebase based workflows the commit attached to a diff revision doesn’t always match the actual commit in the repos branch.

Is there a way to search via commit message? Figure I can search for commits containing “Differential Revision:” which should be unique to only the diff it’s contained in (until merge but that’s much later in the pipeline)

Having looked at most of the api methods for diffusion I haven’t seen something that can look up info via commit message, is there a way to do this or a endpoint I’m missing?

Far as I can tell the best I can do so far is lookup the ticket linked to a differential and lookup each commit linked to it for the commit msg but that’s a bit unwieldy I think.

And I take that back, the above doesn’t always hold true.

Kinda annoying phab doesn’t just expose an endpoint for git log --grep

Yeah realized I could do it using phabs full text search a minute before this came in. Thanks!