Search for jira.issues using API


We are testing the integration of Phabricator into JIRA ( for a project. This works nicely so far, however I have not figured out a way to use the API to search for differentials that reference a given JIRA issue (needed to apply all of them on our Jenkins for CI). All the calls I’ve been using so far, e.g., have a limited set of constraint types.

Short of retrieving all active differentials, is there a way to query Phabricator for only those differentials that have a specific JIRA issue in the auxiliary:jira.issues field?


I think you can query JIRA for all the revisions that show up in a task…


(I’m not sure there’s a way to search this information directly via Phabricator, but I haven’t used the JIRA integration in a while).


There is no way to query this information from Phabricator.