Search with "Not in (Parent)" shows sub-milestone tasks

Reproduction Instructions

  1. Create project Parent and a milestone Milestone under it.
  2. Create task Task in Milestone
    3a. Search for Parent tasks --> the Task appears as expected.
    3b. Search for Not in (Parent) --> the Task still appears: I’m not sure this is an intended behavior.

I know that part of intended logic is that milestones (I believe same applies to subprojects) are included when searching for parent project. By the same logic, the should be excluded when searching for Not in parent, otherwise this breaks the rules of logical “not”.

Not sure it is a bug, but I believe this is unintended behavior.

Thank you!

Any hint on what to correct in the source code is appreciated.

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
Phabricator commit: 0067f1a521a0
Arcanist commit: 6937d389472d

This is intended. There is currently no way to search for not(inclusive-descendants(some-project)), except by manually enumerating each descendant in a separate not(...) query term.

See also, perhaps.

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Thanks for the prompt clarification, @epriestley, appreciated!