Searching for revisions with unsaved inline comments


This is a request from two of my users who noticed that they often forget to press “submit” on inline comments in differential revisions; is there any way in the GUI to see a list of all revisions with unsaved comments? So far I’ve just been running a periodic report of something like

SELECT DISTINCT(CONCAT("D", AS diff_id FROM differential_transaction_comment dtc JOIN differential_revision dr ON dr.phid = dtc.revisionPHID WHERE dtc.authorPHID='their_phid' AND dtc.transactionPHID IS NULL AND dtc.isDeleted = 0

but I was wondering if there was any better way to do this. I know there is a little yellow chat bubble icon next to revisions with unsubmitted comments, but people don’t seem interested in paging through every diff they have looking for the icon.

I glanced through the code and DifferentialTransactionQuery::loadUnsubmittedInlineComments doesn’t seem to be hooked up to any GUI or to Conduit, so it’s probably not possible, but maybe there’s something I’m missing.


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