SNMP Errors Thrown on each use

When invoking Arcanist on Windows 10 (latest), which it states is supported, a lot of errors related to SNMP are thrown.

Is there any way to stop these from appearing?

I can’t reproduce this.

Googling these errors suggests they arise when the PHP SNMP extension is enabled but not configured correctly.

Arcanist does not use SNMP, so simply disabling this extension may resolve the errors (likely by commenting out the extension=php_snmp.dll; or similar line in php.ini).

As far as I know, this extension is not enabled by default in any version of PHP. If you have enabled it because you are running some other program which does require it, disabling it may break that program. In this case, you may need to fix the configuration error instead. This is outside the scope of Arcanist/Phabricator – I don’t even know what SNMP is.

Thanks, this solved the issue.

I’m not sure why this was enabled, but I hadn’t thought to check my PHP extensions until you mentioned it.