[SOLVED] Line highlighting in Diffusion breaks URL


Observed Behavior:

  • Click one or more line numbers in the Diffusion Browse view to highlight lines of source code.
  • URL redirects from, e.g., /browse/branch/filename to /browse/branch/undefined$XX-YY

Expected Behavior:

The URL should update to /browse/branch/filename$XX-YY

Phabricator Version:

  • phabricator e43f2e0cee09d7d327c0564835a14796a6cdcd98 (Mon, Mar 5) (branched from 42e5b8a04bece0abe4e018deb381347ac1bf7d37 on origin)
  • arcanist 8fe1d7701e5daa3b7c8d96847fa335c0fbf66816 (Fri, Feb 16) (branched from be1dd7e2ba230d77f894637fdcbc7d5a47dc7082 on origin)
  • phutil 74e27a2b4a471a2694c46e5475c561fdaf73aab8 (Fri, Mar 2) (branched from dedf260c77557ffd71ad24a1b250a882a58fa0e7 on origin)

(Also reproducible on secure.phabricator.com as of writing)

Reproduction Steps:

  • Open file in Diffusion (e.g., https://secure.phabricator.com/source/phabricator/browse/master/NOTICE)
  • Click one or multiple line numbers to highlight a line or range of lines
  • See URL transition from /NOTICE to /undefined


Thanks, see https://secure.phabricator.com/D19187.

This should now be fixed at HEAD of master and stable. I’ve also deployed the fix to secure.phabricator.com so this should no longer reproduce there. Let me know if you’re still seeing issues.


Thanks, Evan! That did the trick.