Solved - MySQL Disk Usage Constantly Growing

I’m running phabricator stable (d9b41d3a0f878d91b7485007d53998516d30731d)

with MySQL 8.x on AWS RDS

Ever since we installed Phabricator and pointed it at a new AWS RDS DB Instance, it’s been consuming space at a constant rate. After about a month, we’re already at 20GB of usage, with only two repositories.

I’m not great with MySQL, but I did a number of diagnostic queries looking at table sizes attempting to find the source of the disk usage.

None of the tables appear to be larger than a couple megabytes. We’re using innodb_file_per_table and I’ve already ran an optimize on the storage dbs, which did not reclaim any space.

I thought it could be file storage, but we have S3 storage enabled, and only had a few files in MySQL. I disabled MySQL file storage completely and migrated the few files off of it. No change in disk usage, continues to grow.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to diagnose this further? I can’t keep throwing more disk space at it.

What types of things does phabricator store in the DB that could consume space?

Edit: /bin/storage probe shows only 136.6 MB

Why did you choose to ask this question (which amounts to “How do I understand RDS usage and billing?”) here instead of asking Amazon support?

I’m quite confused over what you’re saying.

I’m asking for advice on investigating mysql disk usage and common sources of disk bloat coming from Phabricator.

I’m also seeking advice from AWS already.

Is there a reason for the passive aggressive hostility? This is a community support forum, that kind of attitude seems completely unnecessary.


I found the solution and posted it on the aws thread I opened, posting a link here for posterity: