Solved: Storage Upgrade Failed: EXCEPTION: AphrontQueryException

Phabricator version:
Current up-to-date ‘origin/stable’

Observed Behavior:

  • installing new phabricator to new server,
  • Migrating old phab. datas to new server. Went through this tutorial:
  • Got the latest of libphutil, arcanist, phabricator using “git pull”.
  • Restored the local storage files, mysql databases, uploaded files.
  • Tried accessing phabricator, but stopped with a “Upgrade MySQL Schema” error logs.
  • Ran phabricator/ $ ./bin/storage upgrade
  • Has the following error. Checked the local json file, everything looks similiar to old copy.
  • Checked mysql login and password, all looks good too.

Stack Trace:

Applying patch “phabricator:20160102.badges.award.sql” to host “localhost:3306”…
[2018-03-21 19:58:27] EXCEPTION: (AphrontQueryException) #1050: Table ‘badges_award’ already exists at [/src/aphront/storage/connection/mysql/AphrontBaseMySQLDatabaseConnection.php:355]
arcanist(head=stable, ref.stable=7b6a9a93f4a4), phabricator(head=stable, ref.stable=f03d6d6a2a85), phutil(head=stable, ref.stable=47cfa511ca67)
#0 AphrontBaseMySQLDatabaseConnection::throwQueryCodeException(integer, string) called at [/src/aphront/storage/connection/mysql/AphrontBaseMySQLDatabaseConnection.php:289]
#1 AphrontBaseMySQLDatabaseConnection::throwQueryException(mysqli) called at [/src/aphront/storage/connection/mysql/AphrontBaseMySQLDatabaseConnection.php:185]
#2 AphrontBaseMySQLDatabaseConnection::executeRawQuery(string) called at [/src/xsprintf/queryfx.php:8]
#3 queryfx(AphrontMySQLiDatabaseConnection, string, string) called at [/src/infrastructure/storage/management/PhabricatorStorageManagementAPI.php:268]
#4 PhabricatorStorageManagementAPI::applyPatchSQL(string) called at [/src/infrastructure/storage/management/PhabricatorStorageManagementAPI.php:238]
#5 PhabricatorStorageManagementAPI::applyPatch(PhabricatorStoragePatch) called at [/src/infrastructure/storage/management/workflow/PhabricatorStorageManagementWorkflow.php:1103]
#6 PhabricatorStorageManagementWorkflow::doUpgradeSchemata(array, NULL, boolean, boolean) called at [/src/infrastructure/storage/management/workflow/PhabricatorStorageManagementWorkflow.php:849]
#7 PhabricatorStorageManagementWorkflow::upgradeSchemata(array, NULL, boolean, boolean) called at [/src/infrastructure/storage/management/workflow/PhabricatorStorageManagementUpgradeWorkflow.php:78]
#8 PhabricatorStorageManagementUpgradeWorkflow::didExecute(PhutilArgumentParser) called at [/src/infrastructure/storage/management/workflow/PhabricatorStorageManagementWorkflow.php:107]
#9 PhabricatorStorageManagementWorkflow::execute(PhutilArgumentParser) called at [/src/parser/argument/PhutilArgumentParser.php:441]
#10 PhutilArgumentParser::parseWorkflowsFull(array) called at [/src/parser/argument/PhutilArgumentParser.php:333]
#11 PhutilArgumentParser::parseWorkflows(array) called at [/scripts/sql/manage_storage.php:249]

Not sure

  1. Did you run ./bin/storage upgrade before copying the old data over? That would create tables that are not expected to exist, and cause a mismatch between the actual state and the expected state in the metadata database.
  2. When copying over data, did the metadata database copy correctly? The patch that’s failing is over 2 years old - is that a reasonable date for your old data? Look for tips about “updating really old installs” if so - it’s beyond the expected range.
  1. Yes, I started mysql. then ran the upgrade.
    1b. Should i logged into the fresh site as well before copying over the db? (I know the phab is working, when I went to the address and saw the auth box.)

  2. How do i know if my metadata is copied correctly? “Check the 'phabricator_meta_data” db?
    2a. Do you know this patch, which db is it located in? Maybe, i can delete that database from the backup i made, and try to let it run restore again?
    2b. This tips on “updating really old installs” is in phabricator? or just in a general sense on databases?

  3. I actually followed this blog procedure on upgrading

This is my current phabricator version. And yes, it sure does look old on the phabricator end.

phabricator 571960e712276083be4a0d2a67119c5aade02d25 (Dec 26 2015)
arcanist 3dbc1418ff07de30cbd22193efad0efd5fc2d7f2 (Dec 26 2015)
phutil 7b8d38cd2d4e85edcfebfe5bf60846afd1044e0f (Jan 2 2016)

  1. If there is no better way around, i can only think of 2 solutions.
    a. Delete all the unused database, and keep the necessary ones ?
    The reason i say this is because currently we only utilize the following Phabricator widgets:
  • Dashboards
  • Projects
  • Maniphest
  • People
    Question is , is it easy to pick and choose what to backup and not?

b. Progressively upgrade phabricator? maybe every 3 or 6 months until the current version ?


You should not have run the upgrades before copying the data over - you now have inconsistent state.
The best thing you can do is delete all the new database (You can use ./bin/storage drop, I think), copy the old data, and then run ./bin/storage upgrade.

Since your current install is very old, you should upgrade incrementally - every few months should work. You’ll need to read the Changelogs to make sure the repositories (arc/libphutil/phabricator) are in-sync, otherwise things will not work.

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Avivey, Alas! problem solved!

I had to remove all the databases that have been created using ( ./bin/storage destroy, and then run ./bin/storage upgrade.)

All is working as it should.