Sourcehut Integration

Hi folks,

I’m currently using sourcehut as my main CI-driver and would like to integrate it into phabricator. Would you welcome a patch for that? My goal would be to implement a HarbormasterSourcehutBuildStepImplementation and a HarbormasterSourcehutHookController. I would base my work on the existing CircleCI and BuildKite Buildsteps.

Thanks for your time and great product!


Sorry, not interested in maintaining this since I don’t know of any customers using it today.

See also for general discussion of third-party integrations for commercial services.

That’s understandable, are there any pointers on how to integrate my work in a regular self hosted phabricator install without starting a fork of the source? I definitely want to have this integration, and I am in the process of writing it.

As a side note: Sourcehut is licensed under AGPL and you can totally self-host it if you want.