/status returns 302



I’m setting up Phabricator behind Google Load Balancer. But the problem is /status returns 302 instead of 200. Google Health Check only accepts 200. Is there anyway to change to return 200 from /status?



Why do you expect /status to return a 200?


Shouldn’t it return 200(OK) if there is no issue?
I have no idea why it returns 302 (Found redirect).


Do you expect /quack to return 200?


Are you saying this status page is quack?

I’m not sure why you reply like that. If there is any reason, you can just say that.

Actually it returns 200 now. There must be some misconfiguration before.


Why do you expect the status page to be /status instead of /quack? Why do you expect the status page to exist at all?


Because the setup document says that:


Load Balancer Health Checks

If you’re using a load balancer in front of your webserver, you can configure it to perform health checks using the path /status/.


I should have search other posts more.
My current issue is exactly same as this, although it’s not answered yet.


…using the path /status/.

Does /status/, the documented value, return 200?

Where does /status redirect you to using the Location header?


Yes, it does.

It reidirects to /status/:

HTTP/2 302
location: https://phabricator.my.company/status/