Storage upgrade failed: class "PhutilAuthAdapter" not defined

I just updated all of /libphutil /arcanist /phabricator to the most recent (stable) published version.
/libphutil (stable) HEAD is 1750586
/libphutil (master) HEAD is cc2a3db (I also tried the origin/master the same error)
/arcanist (stable) HEAD is bac2028
/phabricator (stable) HEAD is c4b4a53
When I now perform storage upgrade I get the following error message:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught PhutilMissingSymbolException: Failed to load class or interface “PhutilAuthAdapter”.

The class or interface “PhutilAuthAdapter” is not defined in the library map of any loaded library.

If you are not a developer, this almost always means that a library is out of date. For example, you may have upgraded “phabricator/” without upgrading “libphutil/”, or vice versa. It might also mean that you need to restart Apache or PHP-FPM. Make sure all libraries are up to date and all services have been restarted.

If you are a developer and this symbol was recently added or moved, your library map may need to be rebuilt. You can rebuild the map by running “arc liberate”.

For more information, see: in /libphutil/src/phutil_library_init.php:25
Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: __phutil_autoload()
#1 /libphutil/src/extensions/PhutilAuthAdapterShibboleth.php(3): spl_autoload_call()
#2 /libphutil/src/moduleutils/PhutilBootloade in /libphutil/src/phutil_library_init.php on line 25

Note: If I revert to a previous commit in /libphutil (week 35), the error mentioned above no longer occurs. But other errors occur (a lot of “Passing glue string after array is deprecated”) which not effect what I executed.

This is a problem with custom code you’re running (the Shibboleth adapter).

This extension must be moved from libphutil/src/extensions/ to phabricator/src/extensions/ because auth is no longer part of libphutil.

See for details.

I moved the extension and its work again. Thanks a lot.