Suggestion: Add checkbox to edit query to allow to make personal saved query global


I am an instance administrator. In …/maniphest/query/edit/ I see a list of queries. It is not possible to drag&drop the personal saved queries to the list of global saved queries. When clicking the “edit” button on a personal saved query, I can only edit the name, but there is no checkbox to make this query global. When creating a new query and then pressing the “Save Query” button next to the “Search” button, I am being presented with a dialogue where I can enter the name, but also with a checkbox to “Save this query as a global query, making it visible to all users.”

I would prefer, if it was possible for administrators to:

  1. Drag & drop existing personal saved queries to the list of global saved queries
  2. Edit the “global status” using a checkbox when editing an existing personal saved query, just as I can when creating the query


In the mean time, you can make a user search global by updating the database directly, e.g.

update phabricator_search.search_namedquery set userPHID = '' where queryKey = 'aBcD1e2F3G';