Suitable ec2 instance for Phabricator install


We are currently using a phabricator install over AWS m3.large instance, and it is mostly very slow. Is this a good idea to shift this to c5.large?

Generally which instance type is most suitable for Phabricator installs?

Some info about the install:

Diffusion Repo: 30 Git Repos, with 200 daily commits
Maniphest Users: 100 Daily users


I don’t know what m3.large is, but c5.large appears to be 2 cpu, 4gb ram; That’s not what I would call “large” in 2018, but it should be fine running Phabricator for your load.

Did you install APCu, etc? Maybe the bottleneck is in the DB server or disk access? What exactly is slow for you?