Table tags to task


Tell me which table stores data about which tags belong to the task?
And the tasks are stored in the maniphest_task?
Are the tags themselves in the maniphest_nameindex?


What are you attempting to do?


Hi an UP !
I Have the same question.
My wish is to be able to do my own extracts from Phabiractor with sql queries , and so, retrieves list of Manifest tasks with the project Tags informations.
Can Someone help me in this or tell me where to look for ?
I’m beginner in Phabricator and not familiar with code & SQL.


why can’t you use the conduit api for this?


Thank you Avivey for your answer.
I don’t know what is conduit API, i’ll check that, but as the point where i am, it would be faster to identify the correct tables and columns for my SQL query (almost done, just missing the Tags).
The export function in the Phabricator instance we have is not ready for provide CSV format, and need plugin to be installed. I don’t have the admin acess on the Phabricator server to add functionalities.