Tagging Herald rules

When trying to search for Herald rules it would be useful to be able to filter by something like text in the name of the rule or tag/project that rules are associated with. It doesn’t look like it’s possible to filter by name when using /herald/query/advanced/ so are any of the following possible:

  1. Subscribe a project to a herald rule (rather than just myself)?
  2. Add a tag to a hearld rule and than filter for rules with that tag?

What exactly would you expect to happen after “subscribing a project” to a Herald rule? I don’t understand how “prrojects” should receive notifications about… executing Herald rules? Or what exactly?


Fair question. I’d argue people who are members of the project should be informed when the rule changes (as that’s what happens to individual subscribers today and is not dissimilar to how projects on other objects works (e.g. subscribing a project to a task)). Ultimately, this is a hack to get around the lack of explicit tags on herald rules though - all I want to be able to do is quickly filter out a set of rules made by different people but with a similar purpose.

Ideally, Herald rules should support normal project tags and subscribers.

The biggest barrier to support is that “Edit Rule” is a custom UI with a lot of Javascript magic, not a standard EditEngine form. The simplest implementations would either hack these fields into the custom form or put projects/subscribers under a separate “Edit Projects/Subscribers” action, neither of which is very desirable.

The desired implementation is to update Herald’s complex edit behavior so it can work with EditEngine, but this is likely a fair amount of work.

Absent any customer interest, this is hard to motivate since it relatively high-cost / low-value.

@epriestley OK - understood.