Task dependency


Hi all,

is there any plan to implement a task dependency?
Something like task A is blocked by task B. Ones task B is solved, then automatically task A is unblocked.



What difficulties are you running into using the one that automatically ships with Phabricator? Parent Task / Sub Task already exist.


Parent Task / Sub Task is nice done in Phabricator. But, unfortunately, in the dashboard you don’t see that some tasks can’t be done until others are done.
One idea is to have the tasks dependent on other tasks gray down in the dashboard.


Phabricator’s dependency model is a graph, not a tree. That makes visual layouts difficult / impossible for dashboards / workboards.


The Phabricator’s dependency model as a graph is great. I don’t mean visually.
I mean something like a herald rule which updates the status of task ones the status of the parent is updated.
For example taskA parent of taskB.
taskB status is Blocked
taskA status is Open
Ones taskA status switched to Resolved then taskB status is switched automatically to Open.

And in the right panel Edit Related Tasks… an option like Edit Parent Task which Blocked by Task….