The "Code" tab in Diffusion link always goes to repository root


Observed Behavior:
When browsing a repository in a Diffusion it has 5 tabs:

  • Code
  • Branches
  • Tags
  • History
  • Graph

Each of the tabs provides different information for currently viewed object (folder/file).

The “Code” tab however always points to repository root folder instead of currently viewed folder/file.

Expected Behavior:
The “Code” tab should point to currently viewed object (folder/file).

Phabricator Version: , Week 8, Year 2019

Reproduction Steps:

  1. open repository
  2. navigate to a folder/file, e.g.
  3. note, that all tab links, except “Code” tab (goes to repository root), are mentioning that file in the URL
A small diffusion bug
closed #2