The large number of changes banner appears in pointless situation


  • Bug reports MUST include reproduction instructions which allow someone who does not have access to your environment to reproduce the issue you’re encountering.
  • Bug reports MUST be against a recent version of Phabricator, and include version information. You can find version information in “Config > Version Information” in the web UI, or arc version from the CLI.

Reproduction Instructions

  • Create a task with a “large number of changes” (akin to but do not comment from your own account.
  • When Phabricator hits a certain level, it displays a banner saying “There are a very large number of changes, so older changes are hidden.” but it only covers the created this task action which is pointless as the banner takes up more room than the action.

Phabricator/Arcanist Version

  • See comment by Andre

As I was asked to provide version info:

phabricator	9a28f5e683dd	Jun 25 2020
arcanist	59e78843b4ba	Apr 16 2020	
phutil	b6f4e8e0f995	Feb 11 2020	

I can confirm this situation.

Thanks, I filed this upstream as

Your welcome