Translation in Calendar


Observed Behavior:
Translation of the shortcuts of the month names do not work.
Like "Mar": "Mär".

Expected Behavior:
What Phabricator should be doing.
Phabricator should be provide a Translation.

I Fixed it with:

// i18n:
$month = pht($from->format('F'));
$year = $from->format('Y');
$monthyear = "$month $year";

$crumbs = array();
$crumbs[] = id(new PHUICrumbView())

$header = id(new PHUIHeaderView())

Phabricator Version:

Reproduction Steps:

  • Create a translation json`mytrans.json
  • add { "Mar": "Mär" }
  • load the translation with commandline ./bin/config set "translation.override" --stdin < mytrans.json .
  • go to calendar the translation has no effect.

Also in

Fixed with $title = pht($box_start_time->format('l'));