Trouble installing on Centos 7

Hi , I am installing Phabricator On a Shared Hosting Server. While I Did Try Installing Phabricator On WAMP With same Virtual Host , It did redirect me to install if i navigated to localhost to which i pointed it to. However , it seems that this isn’t the case on Centos 7. I updated the last line of httpd.conf with the updated virtual host for my domain , but as soon as i navigate to the sub domain i pointed it to , it just shows me directory. It doesn’t work. I need someone to help me make it work. Help would be appreciated

I’d probably suggest its more likely to be apache … however … it would also depend if you have selinux enabled and if you have your phabricator directory located in an existing /var/www directory or in a custom location

try setting selinux to permissive to begin with, I had to build quite an extensive policy for selinux

@kiptonui the problem is that apache doesnt read the *80 virtual host for my sub domain rather it just ignores it. If i modify the default sub domains virtual host it works but then again , apache somehow rewrites and changes my edited default virtual host to the orignal format. I mean to say is that I am failing to make the virtual host work.

From experience and not being able to see your config at all …
I am assuming you are using a separate vhost config file for the phabricator config

Make sure that you have updated the httpd.conf default which has some general directives in it that are loaded first. I typically clear out httpd.conf from all http/https/ssl configuration and apply it in my single instance vhost configuration. This means that you have to be sharper administering your subdomains where you have a global update to do, but you also stop the master httpd.conf from interfering in subdomain configurations, especially when you want to do something a little more nutty and get deep into modsec rewrites to obfuscate that you are using apache.