UI Improvements for handling many repositories


Right now, it’s kind of hard to use Phabricator when you have many small repositories (as opposed to one large Facebook/Google-style monorepo).

I have a few commits in my local fork that make it easier (one adds a list of all open revisions to a diffusion repository root; one adds the name of the repository to the DifferentialRevisionListView). I’m sure that upstream won’t accept these (since Evan has said so many times).

Does anyone know if there are any projects or tasks that I should be following along with which attempt to improve the UI when dealing routinely with hundreds of repositories? I didn’t turn up anything on secure.phabricator.com with some search terms (aside from the old and long-broken D18636)…


https://secure.phabricator.com/T9287 is the applicable meta-task.

“Show repo in revision list” is “T418 Integrate CustomField into more interfaces”.


I’m not opposed to this use case in general and don’t think changes in this vein have historically faced a particularly higher barrier than other types of changes (but, generally, all changes face a high barrier).

There are a couple of sub-areas that I’m pretty solidly against (like https://secure.phabricator.com/T7773) but the blocker here is mostly a lack of customer interest, not philosophical opposition.