Unable to add subscriber in Maniphest with @ with custom view policy

Observed Behavior:
Using a custom “Can View” policy prevents being able to add a subscriber when mentioning them in a new comment with an @name, unless author or @name in question is an Administrator. For non-administrators the name appears greyed out. Author is able to add @name as a subscriber by selecting that as an action, but typing into a new comment doesn’t allow this.

Expected Behavior:
Would expect @name referenced in a comment this way to automatically be added as a subscriber.

Phabricator Version:
phabricator 67f062b0049dcc55558acfa85c6333947d6fcaab (Fri, May 31)

Reproduction Steps:

Set default Maniphest “Can View” Policy is as above (where acl*it-general contains a handful of individuals within the IT department)

Create a new Maniphest Task & Save

Add a new comment and @name somebody within it. That individual is not subscribed or notified.

This is currently expected. See also https://secure.phabricator.com/T4411.

Mentioning a user does not subscribe or notify them if they can not see an object, and policy controls are checked first, before the user is subscribed. The policy check fails, so no action is taken.

The expected behavior here varies between users, per discussion in T4411, with some feeling strongly that this absolutely should not grant the user access and others feeling strongly that it absolutely should grant the user access. In a future version of Phabricator, it will likely prompt you to confirm that you want to grant access to a user who can not otherwise see the object.

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Thanks for that! I’d equally be happy with a global setting, but that’s very much a personal preference with the way I use Phabricator.

(See https://secure.phabricator.com/T8227 for some discussion of why this is very unlikely to ever be a setting.)