Unable to Connect to MySQL!

I’ve gone through the process of adding phabricator on my centos 8 box.

  • I ran ./bin/storage upgrade and that worked fine - this means that the mysql.user mysql.host and mysql.pass and mysql.port are all setup. When i’ve changed the password, this command has failed.
  • I ran ./bin/phd start and that worked fine

but when I actually go to view phabricator in the browser, i get this error message:

You can even check it out yourself at jwillis.ninja.

How can I go about fixing this issue?

As you surmise, this should be impossible. I can’t reproduce this problem and I don’t know of any environmental issue – even in theory – which could cause it.

When the CLI and Web UI behave differently, the most common cause is a subsystem like SELinux or AppArmor denying permissions to the apache/www-data user. But the web UI is successfully connecting to MySQL, so this can’t be explained by a firewall-like layer preventing the webserver from connecting.