Unable to locate libphutil?

I’ve tried everything, including updating the include_path in php.ini on both /etc/php/7.0/fpm and /etc/php/7.0/cli to no avail. I honestly don’t understand why I had to do this to begin with since the libphutil/ folder is sitting next to phabricator/ like it’s supposed to. Could it be because I need to set the folders to www-data owner?

Shouldn’t be, but make sure www-data has read permission (and exec for directories) on all the right stuff.

Also note that Phabricator doesn’t work with PHP 7.0, though it’s supposed to load and tell you that.

Wasn’t aware that it didn’t work on 7. Thanks.

i use lnmp php7. cant use phabricator , report error:
Unable to load libphutil. Put libphutil/ next to phabricator/, or update your PHP ‘include_path’ to include the parent directory of libphutil/.