Unable to push to a repository (Unhandled Exception), other repo is fine

Today, when I try to push into a repository, it says not found (yesterday is fine):

$ git push origin myrepo
Username for ‘http://domain.com’: me
Password for ‘http://me@domain.com’:
fatal: repository ‘http://domain.com/diffusion/52/myrepository.git/’ not found

On diffusion, it shows like this:

It doesn’t happen on other repo, only this repo.
How can I fixed this? please help.


phabricator 38694578e1d0c416e992a0fa95edbc270c8af5e8 (Oct 25 2019)
arcanist da6d4f85eefb0ae9c945e41659b678549fbb8c8a (Oct 17 2019)
phutil 39ed96cd818aae761ec92613a9ba0800824d0ab0 (Sep 30 2019)
php 5.6.40
diff 3.5 at /usr/bin/diff
git 2.11.0 at /usr/bin/git
hg Not Available
pygmentize 2.4.2 at /usr/local/bin/pygmentize
svn Not Available

Under Actions -> Manage Repository, you should see a “Working Copy Status” section - it should hold more information and possible next steps.

I cannot open that page.
It show’s unhandled exception.
This repository use to be able to push and pull without any problem. Any other idea where to look for?

Oh. Try this uri:
http://<your domain>/diffusion/52/manage

Still cannot open that uri, it will redirect to unhandled exception.

fortunately, I have /var/repo/52 backup folder.
by replacing target folder with backup, now I can access and push as usual. The unhandled exception has dissapear.
Well it is not a best solutions though :grinning:
Thank you.

Well, glad it’s OK now :slight_smile: