Unable to query or tag via a parent project

So for a while we’ve managed specific customers in this manner, having a customers project/tag and then having a specific customer sub-project/tag per customer. However after we updated phabricator recently we’ve lost the ability to query, search or add a customers tag to a ticket.

Is there something I could be missing?

For ref I’m now on phab version: d9b41d3a0f878d91b7485007d53998516d30731d

There are no expected changes to this behavior recently and I can’t reproduce this. Here’s a “Customers” project with subprojects “Customer A” and “Customer B”:

Here’s me tagging tasks with “Customer B”:

Here’s me searching for tasks tagged with “Customer B”:

(I’m slightly unsure if by “a customers tag” you mean “Customer A” or “Customers”, but I also can’t reproduce any issues with the parent “Customers” tag.)

Yes my apologies I meant querying by the parent tag, customers, not the sub-tags customers/customerA or customers/customerB.

Works great for me: