Unable to re-create Macros

Unable to re-create macros once they were accidentally removed form Files application

Reproduction Instructions

  1. Create a macro with image ‘test.gif’ and text ‘yougotit’ (https://secure.phabricator.com/macro)
  2. Find test.gif in Files application (https://secure.phabricator.com/file/query/all/)\
  3. Remove/destroy the file either form Web or CLI and observe that Macro is removed too
  4. Go to Macro application and try to create the same macro again: file test.gif and text ‘yougotit’

Expected: Macro is successfully created
Actual: error message “Macro “yougotit” already exists.” appears and Macro cannot be created

Additional information: when searching for macros - the said Macro cannot be found: https://phabricator.domain.com/macro/query/all/

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
phabricator: 8916e581bc776e2cc25238af83038ed6193f7341 (Oct 21 2019)
arcanist: cdd6ce84a214abe7a420504d8fdd36161b3a2f14 (Mon, Oct 21)
phutil: 629a55e15ef372cdaee6e136eea00ec2b99aa4d2 (Oct 21 2019) (branched from b416093386a225b1d9a2de906899b94cbf4babcb on upstream)
php: 7.2.20-1+0~20190710.23+debian9~1.gbp2428c5
diff: 3.5 at /usr/bin/diff
git: 2.11.0 at /usr/bin/git
hg: Not Available
pygmentize: 2.2.0 at /usr/bin/pygmentize
svn: Not Available

This is a very important bug - it took away all the fun form work :slight_smile:

Is anybody else having this issue?