Unable to select task to close duplicates

Reproduction Instructions

Go to any Maniphest task, Edit Related Objects -> Merge Duplicates In and try to select any task.
The window is simply closed without performing a desired action.

From quick bisecting it appears this issue was introduced by dcf3ca8e045.

In case it’s browser-related, i was testing this with current version of Chrome.

Phabricator/Arcanist Version

phabricator: 5d8ee504d645ba1a6d69c23b9cbad557e14b03ad (Wed, Jun 19)
arcanist: 7329bc7c32b995a7dce0319723857cbdf4f95a91 (Thu, May 23)
phutil: ada64585035e8fbdf5d0dd6abfb6c13e6b160b7d (Mon, Jun 17)

Thanks! This was almost certainly caused by https://secure.phabricator.com/D20573.

This should be fixed by https://secure.phabricator.com/D20590.

FYI this also appears in other variants of this modal, e.g. adding parent tasks, editing subtasks, merging duplicates in. The workaround is to instead click the “Select” button to the right of the task rather than clicking on the task text itself.

My expectation is that this does not appear in any versions of this modal because it was fixed by D20590 two months ago. Are you saying you’re still experiencing this issue with an up-to-date version of Phabricator?