Undefined method setAfterID() when calling feed.query


Observed Behavior:
This bug is very similar to this one and is related to task T13266.

When calling the Conduit API method feed.query, if a timestamp is provided in either of the fields before and after, an exception is thrown.

Call to undefined method PhabricatorFeedQuery::setBeforeID()

Expected Behavior:
The query should complete without a crash.

Phabricator Version:
This happens on secure.phabricator.com.

This also happens on our install which is two weeks behind:

phabricator 51d9453e5341880b79bd40609928ba403e1fe97f (Thu, Apr 4) (branched from 02f94cd7d2885de502d03934af3a0c24453e8e58 on origin) 
arcanist 4d22e0f89f10b8a7f47f6ee615e0ccf0f354e582 (Mar 8 2019) (branched from 9830c9316d38988b2dc283ac1a124b73bc8e6c5f on origin) 
phutil e9bbfcb1435375919d1d2ac4cb4ce48cff0295cb (Sat, Mar 30) (branched from 524fcf465108216bf2fa6126473873ab8e42360a on origin) 

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Log in on secure.phabricator.com.
  2. Go to https://secure.phabricator.com/conduit/method/feed.query/.
  3. Put a timestamp in before or after and submit the query.

Thanks in advance for looking into this! :+1:


Thanks, see https://secure.phabricator.com/D20456.

closed #3