Unrecoverable fatal error in API

When I request the related transaction for the diff with the phid PHID-DREV-tq4drhqlvvb7bnmvk2l5 from reviews.freebsd.org through the API, I got this error


Call to a member function getDiff() on null


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Reproduction Instructions

E.g. in Python:
import requests

data = {'api.token': TOKEN, 'objectIdentifier': 'PHID-DREV-tq4drhqlvvb7bnmvk2l5'}
requests.post('https://reviews.freebsd.org/api/transaction.search', data=data)

Phabricator/Arcanist Version

This report does not include usable reproduction instructions, so I’m going to lock it per the sticky thread.

Feel free to file a new report which includes reproduction instructions that anyone else can follow to reproduce this issue. In particular, the instructions should not require an account on reviews.freebsd.org (or any other host) and should not require existing access to a particular database state.