Upgrade issue: missing css and dashboard shows loading

hi there,
My local VM consists of:

  1. php v5.5.28
  2. mysql v5.6.28
  3. apache 2.4.16
  4. phabricator 2017.04

Today, i upgraded the arcanist, libputil, and phabricator (2017.50) . I was advice to re-index the database and that’s what i did as well.

A) When I access the phabricator, my main page /dashboard shows loading on all panels, as if nothing is working.

B) When I click on home or any other links, I get the page but it seems all the css styling is gone.
Here is a picture of the reference.

Does anybody know what i can do here?

Did you restart apache after upgrading?

yes, i reboot the entire vm.

Looks like you’re accessing the server using an IP address; That can cause css/javascript files not to load, if the base-uri doesn’t match the address you’re accessing from. If you have a domain name set for your instance, try using that.

If you’ll open your browser devtools->Network, you will be able to see the calls to css/js files, it might show you something useful.