Upgrading from March 2016 Build



New member, I’ve recently started working at a company where they have not updated the phabricator very often and have been given the task of doing so. Is there any notable documentation, apart from the general one you provide OR anything I should now before following the upgrade progress. Ideally, I’d like to upgrade in stages but don’t think this is possible?


It’s totally possible to upgrade in stages if that’s what you want. The Changelog entries include the revision for each repository, so if you git pull in each (libphutil, arcanist, and phabricator) and then git checkout the right revisions, you’ll have your whole setup at a consistent point in time. Then you can bin/storage upgrade to get your schema up to date to that point in time.

The update process has always been smooth and painless in my (extensive) experience running Phabricator, so I don’t expect you’ll have much difficulty.


That sounds like a plan, thanks @rfreebern for the help!