Use Arcanist in Jenkins environment

At my workplace we are using Phabricator and Jenkins as CI. We also use the Phabricator-Plugin to arc patch the belonging repository. The problem is we sometimes also want to arc patch other repositories. I do not know if this is possible for the Plugin and I just tried to do it manually via script. When I do it via script I get an error and I do not really undersand why. “arc patch” works for the repository the plugin patched too but for any other repository i get:

EXCEPTION: (Exception) The diff or revision you specified is either invalid or you don’t have
permission to view it.

Why do I get this error?

arc has some access token, which identifies it as some user (probably a bot user).
If it works on some repository and not others, that probably means the user only has access to see the one repository - make sure it has the right permissions (in Phabricator) to see everything it needs.